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Inclusive Fitness and Health in conjunction with VCU Kinesiology and Health Science Department

IFH will begin in September starting off virtually.

We hope to be in person soon!

Jacob's Chance Fitness promotes overall wellness through sports, health and fitness education, and social interaction for individuals with intellectual and physical challenges.  Our fitness program is designed for youth and young adults 5-30 years old.

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Inclusive Fitness and Health (I.F.H.) is a Program created by the VCU Kinesiology and Health Science (KHS) Department's current instructor and Exercise Physiologist, Matthew Scott. Matthew Scott and the KHS department are working in conjunction with Jacobs Chance, meaning the two organizations are working together to create the best possible experience for any member! IFH is designed to generate fun fitness programs that are individualized to each member needs! On top of trying to improve fitness levels and have a fun social environment, the program also seeks to educate the importance of living a health lifestyle. This will be done within the program for each member, but will also be available for families/caretakers/friends/etc. through a series of health talks! This program will follow the successful "buddy" model that Jacobs Chance implements in all of their programs. Volunteers will be made up of current VCU KHS students who are studying how to properly implement fitness and health programs for various populations. 


Come and join the fun!


Matthew C. Scott, M.S.
Instructor, Dept. of Kinesiology and Health Sciences 

Program Coordinator, Exercise Science Concentration

Virginia Commonwealth University



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