2022 FALL SessioN
DAY ENRICHMENT programming

Dates: September 12th - December 9th (12 weeks)

Ages: Programs are geared towards teens and young adults. Specific ages listed on program descriptions.


Cost: $180 for paid 12-week programs, and no cost for free programs. Financial assistance is always available.



The Wonders of Wildlife and Helping Hands are field trip based programs.

Meeting locations will vary around the metro-Richmond area.

- Floral Design, Music with Andrew, 3G, and Art from the Heart will take place at Belmont Rec Center

(1600 Hilliard Rd, Richmond, VA 23228)

- Movie Making with Chuck will take place at SCOR (1385 Overbrook Rd, Richmond, VA 23220)

COVID-19 Policy (effective 9/1): Masks are strongly encouraged for participants, parents/caregivers, volunteers, and instructors at all events/programs with Jacob's Chance (if medically able to wear one), regardless of vaccination status. Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe!

Please don't let cost deter you from registering.

If cost is a barrier, simply select "financial assistance"

and we will work with you to ensure your participant is registered.

FALL Schedule


(In person/Virtual)

*End time might vary week to week


                                       10:00am-11:00am*     The Wonders of Wildlife (In person)

                                       3:15pm-4:15pm           Floral Design (In person)


                                       10:00am-10:45am      Music with Brooke (Virtual)

                                       2:00-3:15pm*               Helping Hands (In person)



                                       10:00am-10:30am      Mindful Movement with Connect Wellness (Virtual)

                                       3:15pm-4:15pm          Music with Andrew (In person)

                                       4:30pm-5:30pm          3G - Guys, Gals, and Games (In person)


                                       2:00pm-3:15pm          Art from the Heart with Art on Wheels (In person)

                                       4:15pm-5:00pm         Culinary Arts with Friends (Virtual)


                                       10:00am-11:00am    Movie Making with Chuck (In person)

                                       4:00pm-5:00pm        Open Mic Karaoke (Virtual)

program Descriptions




Music with Brooke

A weekly Zoom program where participants gather for music fun! We'll dance, sing, write songs, and play music games like BINGO, Name that Tune, and music trivia! Open to all ages.



Music with Andrew

A more structured weekly music program where participants can join via Zoom or in person try out new instruments and learn about different styles of music! Geared toward ages 12-35. 

In person

$180 per 12 week session

Open Mic Karaoke

A casual weekly Zoom gathering for participants to express themselves through music, art, poetry, or dance! Come out ready to perform or simply sit back and cheer your friends on! Open to all Jacob's Chance participants, friends, and family for ages 5-35 years old.




3G - Guys, Gals, and Games

3G is a weekly social group geared towards all friends ages 12-35. Come together to play games, build Legos, draw, color, or just hang out! Led by Andrew and Amy and with volunteers of a variety of ages helping out,  friends of all abilities are welcome to come out each week to hang out and make new friends!

In person

$180 per 12 week session



Mindful Movement with Connect Wellness 

Come together for a fun morning mindfulness workout via Zoom! Start the day out right by energizing your mind and body by moving and exercising with your friends. Open to all ages, 5-35 years old.



Culinary Arts with Friends 

A weekly Zoom program where participants can practice their skills in the kitchen! Explore recipes around the world by joining us in the Zoom room as our instructor Chef leads us through making a new "Dinner Around the World" each week. Recipes will be sent in advance. Open to all ages, but supervision is recommended while working in the kitchen.



Art from the Heart with Art on Wheels

A weekly art program where participants can explore their creativity through various art mediums each week! Geared toward ages 12-35. 

In person

$180 per 12 week session

Making a Movie with Chuck

Ever want to be a part of making a movie? Be a part of creating a superhero themed film where you'll brainstorm ideas, create characters, learn about acting, film scenes, and learn about producing! Geared towards ages 12-35.

In person

$180 per 12 week session

Floral Design

A weekly program focusing on all things floral! Get crafty with friends as we learn about arranging flowers and how to use flowers, leaves, and petals to create various types of art. Geared towards ages 12-35.

In person

$180 per 12 week session


The Wonders of Wildlife

The Wonders of Wildlife program in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources will offer weekly education and enrichment for teens and young adults with disabilities in the area of wildlife, with each class offering educational experiences that are fun, engaging, and hands-on. Meeting locations will vary week-to-week. Topics will include amphibians, reptiles, fish, mammals, butterflies, birds, and more! Geared towards ages 12-35.

In person

$180 per 12 week session


Helping Hands

A service-based enrichment group focused on giving back to the community through service projects. Any teen or young adult with disabilities can be a part of Helping Hands as we learn about how small acts service can make a large positive impact on the community. We will meet a different location each week. Some service locations require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. Must be at least 16 to join. 

In person