11th Annual Pass the Hat


Date: Saturday, April 17th

Time: 7pm

Location: RF&P Park Stadium Field

(Crump Park)


The Pass the Hat Baseball Benefit is an annual baseball game between

Benedictine College Preparatory and St. Christopher's School.

This baseball benefit demonstrates how a community can unit to raise money for a charitable cause.  

Jacob's Chance will always be grateful for the support and donations over the years.

Traditionally, a Jacob's Chance athlete throws out the first pitch followed by Jacob's Chance friends passing hats around the bleachers throughout the game for supporters to contribute a monetary donation.


Pass the Hat Baseball Benefit has raised over $25,000 for Jacob's Chance since 2010.

Since the creation of this event, generous donations have helped Jacob's Chance create programs and opportunities while raising disability awareness.

This year, helmets and hats will be set up at an awareness table run by Jacob's Chance. The game is free and open to the public!

If you are not planning to attend the game but still wish

to support Jacob's Chance with a monetary gift,

donations will also be accepted via Venmo or at the link below. 

Thank you for supporting Benedictine College Preparatory, St. Christopher's School, and Jacob's Chance! With your support, you are helping us

Make Great Things Happen in the community!