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Fundraising for a Chance
Our Goal $50,000

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Jacob's Chance relies heavily on the generosity of donors to serve our constituents. Each year individual donations provide for about 75% of the funds we need to serve Virginia families and individuals with developmental, intellectual, and or physical disabilities.

Your donation is their chance to play, to be included, to learn, to grow, and to thrive.

 At Jacob's Chance we believe that everyone should have A CHANCE -

to feel empowered, to be included, and to grow!


                                             OUR MISSION

                                                 To enrich lives by empowering individuals

                                            OUR PROMISE

                                                   To create equity and embrace diversity



Square Off 2022

Be a part of Team Fundraiser!
Easy and fun 

 Visit our Square Off page!

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SQUARE OFF against your friends to raise money and support Jacob's Chance while competing for prizes!

Find out more here!

We see abilities!

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