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The Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation is a free and open source remote desktop solution. All features are self-explanatory and are easy to use and manipulate; it is highly recommended for users who need a client for accessing their computers. It features a lightweight and intuitive interface for the client that includes a command bar and a table for managing the programs and resources available on the host. The app is available in three languages, English, French, and Spanish. It allows users to decide whether their connection should be auto-maintained (for automatic reconnection when connection is lost) or require the user to reconnect every time. So, what's included? The program is packed with features; in fact, it sports a list that contains all the applications and resources available to the users. There is a lot of stuff there, and it took me a while before I could even move beyond the first screen. However, I have now exhausted the list and, if you want, can provide a longer and more thorough explanation for every single feature – so do not worry if you do not know if the tool is suitable for you or not. Changelog: 1.3.0 - 2018-04-30 Version 1.3.0 introduces a much-needed GUI dialog for accepting connections. Support for client-side browsing has been improved in the main window. A license file is now included and the interface for opening it is improved. The file name and folder path for the current session is now displayed in the main window. Support for certificate files has been added to better secure the connections. Automatic reconnection when the connection is lost has been introduced. - KATAKANA font as well as fonts from the Uyghur Unicode range have been added. - Some regions (French and German), including accents, have been added. - A few new languages have been added in parallel. Version 1.2.2 - 2018-01-10 Chat integration has been introduced to display the current connection status in the main window. Display of the most recent versions of the languages has been added to the interface. The application is now designed for easier updating and maintenance. - A "Launch Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation" link is provided to the main window. Version 1.2.1 - 2017-12-11 - Added a GUI dialog to allow the user a5204a7ec7

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation is a powerful tool for remote connections through browsers. With this software, you can easily connect to remote desktops on any machine that supports HTML5. It is also possible to create custom configurations with an unlimited number of computers and share resources within your groups. You can quickly upload and download files and access printers and scanners in the connected desktop. Use one of the following browsers to connect to the computer: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft Edge. Additional Link: Connect to remote computers One of the notable features of this program is its use of the HTML5 protocol. Specifically, the application must be installed only on the server side, i.e. on the target machine, while anyone wishing to connect remotely must only employ an HTML5-compatible browser, such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other popular navigator. This being said, it must also be stated that the tool offers no methods to bypass the Windows security checks and, as such, one must provide valid user credentials to access the target computer – if applicable. Also, the program allows users to define their own password checks, to exclude any unauthorized access. All these technical, but useful digressions left to the side, once connected users are free to use most of the host computer's resources, including running programs and creating new shortcuts. Downloading and uploading files are supported operations and one can adjust various settings, such as the image quality and the network protocols employed. Since client users connect via their favorite browsers, all the intrinsic preferences


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