Spring Session II

Day Programming

May 10th - June 11th

Material pick up is on Sunday, 5/2 from 11am-12pm at SCOR.

You will be asked to pick up materials if you are registered for the VIRTUAL SECTION any of the following programs: Bro Code with Andrew and Craft and Chat with Brie

schedule and classes

Several programs will be in the hybrid format, with participants joining virtually via Zoom, and others in person. For all in person programs with Jacob's Chance, well-fitting masks are required at all times.


10-10:30am          Music with Brooke  (Virtual)

1:30-2:30pm         Check in with Kate  (Virtual/In person)
2:45-3:45pm         Music with Andrew and Brooke  (Virtual/In person)

4-4:45pm              STEM with Claire  (In person)


10-10:45am          Fitness with Sportable  (Virtual)



1-2pm                    Creative Writing with Maura    (Virtual)
4-5pm                    Craft and Chat with Brie   (Virtual/In person)
4-5pm                    The Bro Code with Andrew  (Virtual/In person)


10-10:45am          Fitness with Sportable  (Virtual)

2-2:45pm               Culinary Arts with Friends  (Virtual)

10-11am                Photography with Chuck   
(In person)

2-2:45pm               ASL with Kyle     (Virtual)

4-5pm                    Open Mic Karaoke   (Virtual)

ALL returning participants MUST register to receive access to the new Zoom links!


Jacob's Chance offers classes at minimal charge.

Financial assistance is always available.

$50 for a 5-week session:

  • Music with Andrew & Brooke

  • STEM with Claire

  • Craft and Chat with Brie

  • The Bro Code with Andrew

  • Photography with Chuck

Free of charge, for a 5-week session:

  • Music with Brooke

  • Check in with Kate

  • Fitness with Sportable

  • Creative Writing with Maura

  • Culinary Arts with Friends

  • ASL with Kyle

  • Open Mic Karaoke

program Descriptions


Music with Brooke

A weekly Zoom program where participants gather for music fun! We'll dance, sing, write songs, and play music games like BINGO, Name that Tune, and music trivia! Free and geared towards ages 13-30 years old.

Open Mic Karaoke

A casual weekly Zoom gathering for participants to express themselves through music, art, poetry, or dance! Come out ready to perform or simply sit back and cheer your friends on! Free to all Jacob's Chance participants, friends, and family for ages 5-30 years old

Music with Andrew and Brooke

A more structured weekly music program via Zoom where participants try out new instruments and learn about different styles of music! Geared toward teens and young adults. $50 per 5 week session


Fitness with Sportable 

Come together for a fun morning workout via Zoom! Start the day out right by moving and exercise with your friends. Free and open to all ages, 5-30 years old.


Check-in with Kate

Come together via Zoom every week to chat, catch up, play games, and meet new friends! Open to all ages, ages 11-30 years old.   

The Bro Code with Andrew

The Bro Code with Andrew is a weekly group geared towards all males from ages 13- 30. Come together to discuss all things “guys”! From engaging in hands on activities, to talking about our hobbies, to sharing our interests, come hang out with Andrew and make new friends!


Photography with Chuck

For Spring Session II, this introductory program to photography will focus on creating images for an art show/silent auction! We will do one landscape photo, one abstract, one nature, and a photographers choice, with the final class discussing the art we have created. Participants will bring whatever camera they have and learn various photography techniques. Participants will be provided a camera if they do not have one. Geared toward teens and young adults, 11-30 yrs old. $50 per 5 week session.

Culinary Arts with Friends 

This a weekly Zoom class where participants can practice their skills in the kitchen! Explore new recipes by joining us in the Zoom room as our instructor Chef leads us through making the recipe of the week. New recipes will be provided each week, and be on the lookout for special guest chefs! Free and open to all ages, ages 5-30 years old, but supervision is recommended while younger participants work in the kitchen.

Craft and Chat with Brie

In Craft and Chat with Brie, we will explore fun and easy crafting activities while we gab with our girlfriends.  We will be a ladies-only group, and a safe and fun space to share our hopes, dreams and general thoughts with one another.  It's a place to build a connection with our peers while making crafty masterpieces to display in our own homes or to share with others. Materials will be provided. $50 per 5 week session.

ASL with Kyle

A weekly virtual program for participants ages 12-30 to learn beginning sign language! They will learn the alphabet, numbers, basic conversational skills, and explore non-verbal communication. Open to participants of all signing abilities as a place to connect to peers through ASL.

Creative Writing with Maura

This weekly virtual program is all about self-expression through writing! Participants will be given the opportunity to expand their writing skills while sharing their poetry and short stories with their peers in a safe, encouraging environment. No writing experience necessary, as they will be given prompts and tips to help kickstart the creative process! Open to participants ages 12-30.


STEM with Claire

An IN PERSON program where participants will complete hands-on activities, labs, and experiments exploring various science, technology, engineering, and math concepts. Open to participants ages 11-30. $50 per 5 week session.