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Welcome to:
Square Off for Jacob's Chance!

Thank you for supporting the Jacob's Chance 2022 Give Campaign by participating in Square Off!
Square Off Card 2022.png

The goal of the game is to get involved in our annual give campaign, raise money for Jacob's Chance, and help spread community awareness of our mission "helping families focus on their child's ability, not their disability".


Help each of our players to clear their cards and win prizes, all while supporting Jacob's Chance!

How it works:

1) Choose the player below whose card you'd like to donate to

2) Choose the amount you'd like to donate

3) At the end of the day, the cards will be updated and the amount you donated will be "cleared out" and your name/or comment will appear on that square as a thank you!



Callie 11_30.png
Square Off Card 2022.png

Callie is a member of the Jacobs Chance Teen Board. She loves trying new things and making new friends at Jacob’s Chance! 


Mak 11_30.png

A 17 year old high school student, Makayla has been a member of the Jacob's Chance family for almost eleven years! She loves the sports programs, Teen Scene socials, and the fishing trips! 


Maggie 11_30.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 6.22.15 PM.png

Maggie is a member of the Jacob's Chance teen board. She loves to ski, read, and hang out with her friends!


Katie 11_30.png
Square Off Card 2022.png

Katie is a member of the Teen Board at Jacob’s Chance! She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and playing soccer. 


Catie 1_8.png

Catie is a junior at Glen Allen High school, and a member of the Jacob’s Chance Teen Scene Board. She likes to spend time with her family and friends, and play sports! 


Betsie 11_30.png

Betsie is a member of the Jacob's Chance Teen Board, which she has been a part of for three years now. She is a senior at Glen Allen High School, and loves to hang out with her friends, family, and play tennis. 

1st place.png


Maya 12_20.png

I’m Maya and I’m on the teen board for Jacobs Chance. I go to Freeman high-school and I’m in the leadership program. I love to travel, listen to music, and see family and friends! 


Jack 12_11.png

Jack is a member of the Teen Board for Jacob’s Chance and attends Deep Run High School. He enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and spending time with his friends and family!


Gurbaaz 11_30.png

Gurbaaz is on the jacobs chance team board and has volunteered at many of the events. He loves to play basketball, run, play video games, and hang out with friends.

Square Off Card 2022.png


James 12_15.png

James attends Glen Allen High School and is a member of the Teen Board at Jacob’s Chance. He enjoys playing baseball and spending time with his family.


Anna 11_30.png

Anna is a member of the Jacobs Chance Teen Board. She loves to play field hockey , lacrosse, listen to music, and play corn hole with her friends at Jacobs Chance!

Square Off Card 2022.png


Nitya 11_30.png

Nitya attends Douglas Freeman HS for the leadership center and is a part of the teen board at Jacob’s chance. Nitya has been volunteering with Jacobs chance since middle school and loves to hang out with friends, travel, and be active!

Square Off Card 2022.png


Will 12_15.png

Will is the treasurer of the Jacob’s Chance Teen Board and has participated as a volunteer since middle school. He loves to play baseball, basketball, and golf while playing piano in this free time. He enjoys volunteering for Jacob’s Chance because of all of the new people he gets to meet.

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