Jacob's Chance is unique in that our programs are open to all youth and young adults, 5-30 years old who can benefit.  We are not diagnostic, income, or ability level limited. Programs are operated with a focus on inclusion, where volunteers (we call them "buddies") without disabilities play alongside those with diverse abilities.  Programs are adapted to meet the needs of each player or participant. As a result, we all become more understanding and accepting of diversity in physical, intellectual and developmental abilities.

Day Programs


Art, Music, Culinary, Fitness, STEM

Adventures with Jacob's Chance

Fishing Club, Rafting, Rockwall Climbing, Hiking


Inclusive Fitness Health

Fitness with VCU, Kinesiology and Health & Science

River City Buddy Ball

Year around athletics;

Basketball, Baseball, Flag football, Basketball, Tennis

Programs for youth & young adults,

Ages 5-30yrs

Tidewater Buddy Ball Sports

Basketball Program Only....
More sports in the future