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Supper Club Fundraiser

with Natalie's Taste of Lebanon

We are pleased to announce that Jacob's Chance has partnered with

Natalie's Taste of Lebanon on an exciting fundraising project.


The details are as follows:

- Membership is $79.00 and can be purchased at the link provided below

- Members receive a $30 gift card from Natalie's

- Members also get 20% off of the entire bill for their entire party during all visits to Natalie's in 2024.
That's right! Whether you bring 2 people, 10 people or 100 people you get 20% off every time

- Members also get 20% off any special events at Natalie's such as wine dinners,
pop-up restaurants or catering needs.

- AND, for every Supper Club membership purchased through our link,
Natalie's will donate
$20 to Jacob's Chance.

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